Checklist for moving house

This will vary from individual to individual, however here is a list of some of the most common things people require or overlook when they are moving house.

  • Find a professional and reliable removalist. We can recommend our tried and trusted partners – see “Who we work with” page or alternatively check out the Australian Furniture Removalist Association (AFRA)
  • Consider how the size and accessibility of your old home compares with the new one. Are there stairs, lifts, awkward doorways to negotiate or tricky parking conditions? It would be wise to alert your removalist to these so that they can plan for all eventualities. Alternatively, leave that to us and we can plan the logistics for you. If you live in a busy apartment block, you may need to book the use of the common lift.
  • Don’t forget to organize disconnection of the phone, gas and electricity, internet and PayTV prior to your move date.
  • Organise for reconnection of phone, gas, electricity, internet and PayTV at your new address.
  • Organise re-direction of all your mail for the short term with the Post Office. This buys you time after the move to organize for all your mail to be sent to your new address and ensures, for the most part that you don’t forget anyone!
  • Create an inventory list of items that you want to store, dispose of, give away or sell. We can help you with this. Our qualified home organizer will help you make decisions on what items are important and what to keep, what to give to their chosen charity or just throw away.
  • If you’re moving to a new city, check out the local shops, hospital, Doctors surgeries and vets.
  • Back up your computer hard drive. Ensure that the printer and all connecting devices are disconnected before packing
  • Collect your family’s medical, dental, school and vet records
  • If you are renting, formally notify your landlord of the date you are vacating and arrange for a property inspection to recoup the bond
  • Organise for a cleaner to clean after you have vacated the property. We provide a professional cleaning service for both your old and new home. Whether you need an extensive move-in, move-out clean, a thorough industrial clean after your renovations or just a quick spring clean, we have a team of fully qualified cleaners to accommodate your domestic needs.
  • Check your home contents and car insurance and update your drivers’ license, registration and insurance details once you have moved.
  • Disassemble any prefabricated furniture if possible. Alternatively all our recommended removalists will assist you with this – see “Who we work with” page for a list. Put the screws, lugs, brackets, Allen keys etc. in a zip lock bag and keep them in a safe place.
  • Return all DVDs and library books, pick up any dry cleaning and cancel your newspapers and other services.
  • Once you have decided what needs to be thrown out, organize a rubbish collection or make a trip to your local tip. Please ask us if you need assistance with this. We have a rubbish disposal company who will happily dispose all unwanted items from furniture to electrical and white goods.
  • Plan for any special needs of children and pets, prior to and during the move. e.g. medication, food, care or entertainment. Both children and pets can get quite anxious before a move, so it’s often best if you can leave children with friends or relatives and put pets into kennels etc. so they’re oblivious to any disruption to their normal routines.
  • Keep all spare keys, remotes, adaptors and important documentation like passports, drivers’ licenses, leases, bond papers in a safe place so that you know where to find them when you reach your destination. (We will alert you to any of these items that we may find whilst we’re packing)
  • Plan to use any remaining food in your refrigerator the week before you moving date
  • Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer if possible
  • Pack a personal luggage bag the morning of your move with toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, toilet paper and towels. Have another box of kitchen essentials like the kettle, cutlery, mugs, tea, coffee and snacks. Carry any jewelry or valuables with you.
  • Return all spare keys and garage door remotes to the real estate.
  • Take 5 minutes before you leave to do one last final check!

Like a personal copy of our Moving House Checklist? Click Here to download a PDF

Thank you! Just wanted to express how great the girls were. They worked so hard and nothing was a bother to them. We have advised all our friends and family that when the time comes to move, Moving Smoothly is the only way to go ..”  – William & Bridget, Penrith