Decluttering – the first steps

Most of us in the western world live in an age where society deems us only content if we surround ourselves with material things – whether it be clothes, cars, furniture or the latest technical gadget etc, etc.

Once the realization sets in that this was somewhat of an illusion and ultimately, finding true happiness was actually within ourselves all along, did we start to re-evaluate it all again.

Hence a new buzz word was borne out of this discovery and “decluttering” entered into our vocabulary.

Most people think that decluttering is easy, you identify what area in your home needs to be tackled whether it be the kitchen, the garage, a kid’s bedroom and you set aside a few hours in your day with a few boxes and start throwing away everything that you haven’t used, worn, played with for the last six months or a year. “Bingo”, you think – “that felt good, I don’t have to look at those things anymore. Out of sight, out of mind”.

Or is it?

The truth is that you possibly hadn’t worked out why it was there in the first place. Why had you bought so many outfits that realistically you are never going to wear because it doesn’t really suit you, or why did you feel that you needed to have every kitchen gadget on that TV cooking show? Was it that you thought it made you look 2 sizes smaller than you really were, or did you think you would become the next famous TV chef if you purchased that mix-master?

To quote most minimalists on this subject, “Decluttering is not the end result, it is merely the first step”.

To look at the “what” was cluttering up your home, while not addressing the “why”, could possibly result in making the same mistakes. The process in a lot of cases needs be taken slowly and carefully as it could also result in the worst scenario happening – that you get rid of everything you own and then feel dreadful that you’ve parted with all the things that made you feel comfortable, safe and secure.

The first step is to look at all your possessions carefully and make considered decisions about what to do with them. This ultimately forces you to look within and ask questions like:

  • Why did I give so much meaning to them?
  • What is really important to me?

Some of these questions may not have easy answers. However, ultimately by not looking at the “why”, you could find that the opposite happens and your beautifully decluttered cupboards are soon brimming again with new purchases in the not too distant future.

The thought of starting this process may feel daunting, but if you are moving house, it may give you the incentive and the goal to begin taking these first steps …

Moving Smoothly realizes that for some people confronting months and years of accumulated “stuff” is a not an easy task. That is why our trained staff can help you to identify the problems and address these important questions and ease you through the process gently at your own pace.