Home Organising. Tips around the house.

Wardrobes: Organise and display your shoes heel to toe. (e.g. face one shoe out and face the matching one in). If you are short on space, it maximizes the room needed in the wardrobe and gives you a quick survey of the colour, heel and style which helps speed up decisions when getting dressed!

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Kids treasures: Are you guilty of keeping every single treasure or piece of artwork your child has brought home from school until it clutters up the all the available cupboards and drawers? Instead why not scan or take photos of them and make a digital memory album of all the special ones. In most cases it will last much longer than the original artworks!

Using candles around the home: Candles have a memory so to ensure that you get the most economical result from them, trim the wick to 2mm before each use. With wood wicks, be sure to remove any wick trimmings from the candle surface prior to lighting. Burn candles in jars for at least 3-4 hours at a time. This ensures that the wax liquefies across the surface of the jar and burns evenly.

Electrical cords: Save the plastic tags from loaves of supermarket bread and attach them to the cord next to the plug of each electrical item in your office or living room. Then label them accordingly: TV, Monitor, Printer, DVD player etc. This way you can see at a glance which plug cord is attached to which device.

Linen Cupboards: Once your bedlinen is clean and pressed, store your sheets, pillowcases and doona covers for each individual bed inside one of the pillowcases. This way, you’ll never be searching for the corresponding sheets or matching sets again!

Under the sink: To save space under the kitchen sink for all your household cleaners, try expanding a simple tension rod (similar to a curtain or shower rod) from one end of the cupboard to the other. This way you can hang all your spray cleaners from the rod leaving plenty of space underneath for all your cloths and trays.!