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“The ladies were fantastic. We will be recommending your service to everyone we know. You were all calm and lovely and kept me from going mad when it got stressful.” Monika – Paddington NSW

Home Styling for Sale

If you’re selling your home you want to get it looking its best, it’s important to highlight the features, while downplaying the negatives. We believe that most properties can be enhanced using your existing furniture and furnishings – making it more practical to live in during the all-important sale period. Through a process of de-cluttering, re-configuring room layouts, adjusting lighting and adding a few key accessories; Moving Smoothly can transform your property into an inviting space to ensure potential buyers can instantly see your property’s potential.

  • Professional advice on your enhancing your property’s sale potential on a budget
  • Property styling focussing on using existing furniture and furnishings
  • Additional hire of accessories and props
  • Professional de-cluttering and re-configuring room layouts
  • Creative direction with photographer and liaison with Real Estate Agents

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